Dentists when you need them, HyGienists when you don't.

After hours Preventative Care That's Quick, COnvenient, and Affordable.

40% of Americans NEVER go to the dentist. Long wait times, endless paperwork, inconvenient hours, and crazy expensive bills have turned us into a culture that avoids the dentist like the plague. 

But, 80% of Americans suffer from serious gum disease. And that gum disease can lead to SERIOUS health problems. Bottom line - the dental industry needed a shake up to get more people the care they desperately need. That realization was how Floss Bar was born.

Through innovation and outside the box thinking, Floss Bar has created a dental care system that is convenient & affordable for everyone. Appointments available on nights and weekends, online booking, zero paperwork, no wait times, and care that's affordable even if you don't have dental insurance.

Our incredible dental hygienists make getting your teeth cleaned as easy as getting a blow out - and should you have an issue that requires more advanced work, we'll hook you up with dentists we trust. 

Don't waste another vacation day (or another paycheck) getting dental care the old way. We hope to see you in a Floss Bar office very soon.

- The Floss Bar Team


Want to hear the full story from our founder, Eva Sadej? Check out how Floss bar went from idea to reality HERE.


48% of young adults have untagged a Facebook picture because they don't like their smile. We won't let that happen to you!