Join Floss Bar's innovative dental TEAM today 

This is how being a member of our dental team can work for you. There is currently a national waitlist, so secure your spot today by getting in touch directly with the founder to learn more. It is not too good to be true, your competitors may be doing it already. So jump on board this industry trend!



Floss Bar is a lifestyle brand appealing to busy people

  • It is tough to stand out in dental marketing: your personality, degree and office amenities can only take you so far. The key to modern brands is emotional appeal.
  • Floss Bar is a new way to reach out to a population who works long hours and values their time, but still cares about their teeth. Those who are finicky about visiting the dentist are both insured and uninsured and across demographics.
  • No one has built a hip millennial brand focused on hygiene being key to success, lifestyle and wellness. We are successful in doing this and have 5 star ratings every site, and generating tens of thousands of dollars of leads for dentists.

Floss Bar is a lead generator for dental practices

  • Making routine procedures like prophy and whitening available outside work hours at reasonable prices reduces the obstacles to getting patients into the chair.
  • As the supervising dentist, you collect insurance or cash revenue passively while our hygienists work in chairs you would have empty anyway for evenings and weekends (or daytime, depending on state laws). 
  • We also run mobile hygiene teams on your behalf, which act as tentacles into the businesses in your community. 
  • As a result, you also get referrals for advanced work these patients need, at no charge. 
  • There is no subscription. We can on-board your office within 2 days and leave on 2 days notice. And we only make money if you are, which is unlike any lead generating service on the market.
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