What is the "Floss, Polish & Go"?

Have you ever had the power to test drive a dental office?

We haven't. It's hard to commit to a procedure that is $99 and up. Who knows if it is worth it. We can tell you it's awesome all we want...but will you really believe it?

At Floss Bar, we stand behind our mission of quality. convenience and innovation. That's why we are letting you test drive us. At no cost.

Come meet our hygienists team and get cozy with some music. Let us show you proper flossing technique, polish you up, give you a shot (of mouthwash!) and a little bag of goodies, and set you free to get on with your evening. Everyone needs some pampering and a touch up sometimes.

Book you free gift now on our Booking Page. Ignore the fee by putting the hashtag #testdrive. You'll be able to walk-in without an appointment later as we scale :)


Floss Bar Team