Tips from our dentists & hygienists: how you floss like a pro

A step to step guide

A common question we get at Floss Bar is, how often you should floss? Andrew Kocaturk, one of Floss Bar’s hygienists recommends flossing once a day, preferably at night before bed to clean out your teeth after the day. Think about it, most of us have 3 meals per day and often snacks in between, a lot of food will pass your teeth throughout the day and let’s face it, some of it will get stuck between your teeth. 

Flossing daily will also prevent a buildup of plaque. Plaque can not only lead to cavities and damage enamel, it can end up far worse if left to advance. When plaque is not taken care of with regular flossing and frequent visits to your hygienist, it can develop into tartar, gum disease and other pretty horrible things… 

Lets do the C- Shape people! 

So how do you floss like a pro? Let Andrew be your guide: 

1.    Slide the floss in between two teeth and create a C shape around one side 

2.    Move the floss back and forth up to the top of the tooth, and repeat on the other side.  

3.    Repeat these steps with each tooth, moving to a clean section of floss each time.

Want a live demonstration? Book a floss with us today!