Did you overdo it this Thanksgiving? Here is our 5-step teeth survival guide 

Dentists and hygienists generally recommend avoiding sticky, sweet or acidic foods as they can break down your tooth enamel and cause cavities.  

But Thanksgiving is all about food, wine and pies! We all know that avoiding sweets simply didn't happen during the holidays.  Life is about balance and occasional indulgence, so do your thing. But know that it is best for you to take some extra care of your teeth after a weekend of goodies. 

Floss Bar's 5-step guide to repair your teeth after a Thanksgiving full of treats:

Here's what to do:

1.  Clean up:  Start with one heck of a brush and floss. Do not brush too hard, but do spend extra time on those back molars and your tongue. Use a non-alcohol mouthwash, always, swooshing for 45 seconds minimum.

2. Ease up on the desserts: Reducing sugar intake should be one of your first priorities after the holidays. Not just to shed the pounds! The harmful bacteria in your mouth feed off sugar and use it to create acids that wear down your teeth and inflame your gums.

3. Water, water, water. Make sure to sip alkaline our neutral mineral waters to offset acid attacks on your teeth.

4. Saliva to the rescue. Focus on eating foods that stimulate saliva flow such as vegetables and fruits. Our saliva is mineral-rich and helps combat the acid in our mouths after too much of the good stuff.

5. Calcium, baby. Opt for dairy snacks such as cheese and yoghurt as they are packed with calcium and phosphates that helps strengthen your teeth and neutralize acids that can cause decay.  

Could use some extra help? Just sit back and we will do step 1 for you with a Floss, Polish and Go!

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