Meet Matthew - Startup co-founder, health advocate and Floss Bar patient

We caught up with Matthew Tamasi after he visited Floss Bar a few weeks ago to learn his best wellness tricks and how he keep himself and his teeth in shape! 

Floss Bar: Hey Matthew, tell us about about you and what you do? 

Matthew: I am someone who recently overcame health issues stemming from heavy metal poisoning. This experience steered me onto a path of wellness where I'm constantly trying to improve myself physically and mentally. I am now the co-founder of a superfoods company, SUTRA, that provides healthy, vibrant and tasty alternatives to traditional caffeinated beverages. 

Floss Bar: What is your home teeth cleaning routine like? 

Matthew: I brush my teeth twice daily, and use floss/mouthwash daily. I do not use any whitening products. 

Floss Bar: What did you have done at Floss Bar and how was your experience? 

Matthew: I had a teeth cleaning. It was super efficient. I filled all of my forms out online beforehand and was in/out of the dentist's office within 45 minutes.

Floss Bar: How often do you generally go to the dentist or hygienist? If it's less often than once a year, how come? 

Matthew: I'm admittedly bad seeing a dentist or hygienist regularly. This was my first cleaning in two years. I've worked for startups for the past few years and my dental insurance coverage wasn't great, and I didn't want to pay out of pocket. 

Floss Bar: What are your best wellness tips for a busy person? 

Matthew: Give your mind a chance to unwind from the unavoidable stressors of a busy life. I recommend setting aside ten minutes every day to meditate. Headspace is a great app for beginners to this approach. 

Floss Bar: Favorite healthy food spots in NYC? 

Matthew: Sweetgreen is my favorite option for a healthy meal. All of their produce is locally sourced and free of additives and pesticides. Not only is it healthy, but it tastes delicious! 

Floss Bar: What is your go-to home cooking recipe? 

Matthew: Marinate wild-caught salmon in grass-fed ghee and organic lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper. Bake for 15 minutes at 400 degrees. Place over organic kale sautéed in olive or avocado oil, fresh minced garlic and lemon juice. 

Floss Bar:  Favorite exercise routine? 

Matthew: I do a combination of heavy weight-lifting, HIIT and yoga each week. My favorite HIIT class as of late is Rumble Boxing. I go once a week and find that it's an amazing full body workout and keeps my heart rate elevated throughout.