Floss Bar Partners with C4Q to Give Back Smiles Over the Holidays

We at Floss Bar are doing our part everyday to make sure dental care is accessible and convenient for everyone. 

This holiday season we went a step further by giving clean smiles pro-bono to those who are in situations where dental care is even less accessible due to financial constraints. 

We were so happy to partner with Coalition for Queens (C4Q) this holiday season, a non-profit which creates economic opportunity through technology education. C4Q serves as a leading hub for innovation, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship in local neighborhoods, hosting a wide range of students and teachers with different experiences and backgrounds. The organization’s core values – humility, diversity, and growth – align well with ours. We are a pre-dominantly female organization whose diverse and growing team already represented 10 different nationalities. We are humble and both building a business and achieving a social mission at the same time. 

So, we figured it would be a great match!

We stacked our weekend with 22 students. We rolled up our sleeves, put on those latex gloves, turned up our favorite 90’s hits, put on our Christmas hats and cleaned 700 teeth! Any students who needed more advanced care, were referred to the dentist at our Union Square office.

The students had fun and were excited to see first hand how the dental industry is evolving. Inevitably, nearly ALL asked us about our vision for our technology. We told them a little bit of what is coming down the pike. Our longest-tenured hygienist, Andrew Kocaturk, certainly had trouble keeping them quiet so he could access their molars. 

This was the first time we explicitly took a step to give. Do not expect it to be our last. Our February Smiles campaign is just around the corner. And our non-profit partner is already secured. Who will it be? Stay tuned!