Floss Bar's mobile team can bring hygienists directly to you!

At Floss Bar, we are constantly looking at ways to do dental differently and bring innovation to an industry that is in desperate need for it. With over 40% of Americans avoiding the dentist, we figured something must be missing. What we are really trying to address is why people aren’t going. There are three major obstacles; people are scared to go, it is too expensive and it is very inconvenient as dentists keep traditional opening times - basically the times where the average American is the most busy. 

Our offices are open evenings and weekends and staffed with only the friendliest hygienists. All booking, forms and payments is online. We take all the major insurances.

But now it has become even easier. Our mobile team can show up at your workplace or your home!

Dental vans won't work in NYC

Unsurprisingly, dental innovation indeed reached the employees of Google, Facebook and Yahoo in Silicon Valley. They get their dental done in luxury vans in their parking lots. Sure, that sounds nice and convenient, but it's not a solution for cities like NYC where parking is near impossible. 

How is Floss Bar’s mobile dentistry the solution?

We bring dentistry directly to your home or office. We offer our team mobile services for half the NYC price. You are done within 45 minutes and you don’t have to waste any time commuting or in the waiting room. Instead of dental vans, we make things even easier and bring the dental chair to your office, our own water supply and of course our 5-star hygienists. 

Want an exclusive? 

We are also rolling out a service for executives who have been neglecting their health and teeth for too long due to hectic workdays. Now you can book an exclusive dental cleaning just for you, in the comfort of your own office or home! 

This is how it works:

1. Book a day from the bookings page. Let us know if your team is using insurance, credit cards, or a mix of of both.

2. We will alert you when we have created an event for you

3. Send your people to book using the event link we give you

So talk to your team and let’s make this happen or book your executive appointment here

Floss Bar Means: 

  • Half the average NYC price
  • Weekend and evening availability 
  • Covering all major insurance plans
  • No paperwork or waiting times
  • Our innovative mobile team can come to you
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