Meet Alyssa - wellness blogger, fitness enthusiast and Floss bar patient

At Floss Bar, we love our patients who helps us spread important health and wellness tips to others. This week, we caught up with Alyssa Brieloff, the creator of the Zen Tribe

Floss Bar: Hey Alyssa, Tell us about about you and what you do?

Alyssa: I am a wellness lifestyle blogger living in NYC. My blog, The Zen Tribe provides tips for living a more "hoLYSStic" life.  

Floss Bar: What is your home teeth cleaning routine like?

Alyssa: I always have suffered from sensitive teeth, so I use Sensodyne as my main toothpaste. I floss 2x a day and sometimes use oil pulling or charcoal for whitening and detoxing. My favorite floss is cocofloss from Credo Beauty.

Floss Bar: What did you have done at Floss Bar and how was your experience? 

Alyssa: I got the teeth whitening treatment and it went really well. I was nervous because of my sensitivity and my gag reflex, however, the staff took exceptional care of my needs and concerns. 

Floss Bar: How often do you generally go to the dentist or hygienist? 

Alyssa: I visit my dentist every 6 months for a routine cleaning.

Floss Bar: What are your best wellness tip for a busy person?

Alyssa: Bring your favorite healthy snacks with you on-the-go so you aren't obligated to purchase an unhealthy option. 

I pack my favorite items with me in my bag the night before depending on my schedule the next day. I usually pack a bag of almonds, a travel water bottle, my primally pure organic deodorant, natural hand sanitizer, and crystals for protection.

Floss Bar: Favorite healthy food spots in nyc? 

Alyssa: Sweetgreen, HU Kitchen, By Chloe, Springbone

Floss Bar: Favorite exercise routine, how do you keep in shape? 

Alyssa: SoulCycle, yoga, barre

Check out Alyssa's blog here.