Tips from our dentists & hygienists - do this not that to your teeth

At Floss Bar, we are all about education! Our lovely hygienist Brittany Lock has compiled this teeth pro guide for you guys, take note! 

Do… TRY to brush and floss 2-3 times a day…
Don't… Be too hard on yourself if you forget a night or two...more than likely you will still have teeth in the morning….

Do… Use an electric toothbrush to remove more plaque along the gumline
Don't... Freak out if you cant find or dont have an ETB,,,, using small circles near the gumline with your regular tb will get the job done just fine.

Do… Floss using the “C” shape method
Don't… Floss with the “sea saw” method.. We at Flossbar have taught you better than that by now!!! 

Don't... Forget to brush your tongue.
Do… Brush gently on your tongue….If you brush too hard you may actually hurt the tastebuds. 


Not sure about that squid ink toothpaste?

Do… Try the latest and greatest gadgets that the dental world has to offer. 
Don't… Rush into trying the latest dental fads without doing a little research first. Be smart, if it doesnt seem right, don’t try it… Maybe research that “squid ink” toothpaste…


Do… Try to incorporate a mouthwash during your morning/night time routine...
Don't… Forget that those old school rinses that taste like rubbing alcohol aren’t the only ones available. There are actually several rinses on the market that don’t have any alcohol in them, but rather essential oils which provide the same clean feeling. 

Do… Share your dental knowlege from Floss/polish/Go with others!
Don't… Share your toothbrush with others…. Just saying…

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