Evan Bett's Best Tips for How to Stay Healthy When You Are Busy AF

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At some point in the past few years, "busy" became the new normal. And we all know that in NYC, busy generally means REALLY REALLY busy. So how are we supposed to take care of ourselves when we barely have time to sleep? 

NYC Fitness Trainer and model Evan Bett gives us a little background on how he stays healthy and fit in NYC, and tips for how you can make simple shifts to being healthier even when there's just NO time.

Hey Evan, give us the low-down. Who are you and what brought you to NYC?

I moved to New York in 2014 to pursue a career in modeling.  I signed with Wilhelmina Models NYC and have been modeling with them ever since.  I work with brands like NIKE, Under Armour, Mens Fitness Magazine, Mens Health Magazine, Fiji Water, and Perry Ellis just to name a few.  Upon moving to New York to became a NASM certified personal trainer and began training and teaching group classes at a gym called Tone House.  I've since expanded my reach to another gym called Performix House. In summer 2016 I filmed on a show called "So Cosmo" which highlighted the ins and outs of what it takes to make Cosmopolitan magazine happen.  Specifically I was the fitness contributor to the magazine. The show aired in fall 2017. After that, I continued modeling, training, and dove into the world of social media influencing with a new audience, reach, and platform.  I've partnered with a few amazing brands and have gotten to work with a lot of great people.

What is your home teeth cleaning routine like?

I typically brush the standard two times a day, and floss at night.  My last professional cleaning was in November.

What did you have done at Floss Bar?

At Floss Bar, I had a cleaning and whitening done.

How often do you go to the dentist?

I go to the dentist once every two months as of late. (um, goals.)

It seems like everyone is on the go lately. What tips do you have for people who need to want to stay healthy but can't seem to find the time?

Some of my best wellness tips for busy people on the go are:

1.  Prep for the following day the night before. There's nothing worse than scrambling in the morning to pack, eat, and get out the door on time.  If your prep the night before, you can use the extra time in the morning to set your intention for the day.

2. Pack a lunch. We fall into the trap of eating garbarge on a daily basis because its "convenient."  If you meal prep before hand, you're prepared for your day with a healthy option to keep your body happy.

3. Drink a lot of water. You're body, and brain, function so much better if you're properly hydrated. A lack of water throughout the day leads to dehydration and fatigue among other things.  

We can totally do this too.

We can totally do this too.

4. If you're on the go in the city, try walking or biking to your destination rather than taking a cab or an uber. The activity can keep your body and brain functionality elevated while getting in a little workout at the same time.

5. Backpacks over Messenger Bags. Messenger bags typically throw off your alignment, loading the body on one side, and can be strenuous over time if you use it everyday on the same side.  Backpacks may not look as cool, but are much less stressful than messenger bags.

What's your favorite healthy meal in NYC?

Places I go to get healthy food in the city:  Tone House Fuel. Dig Inn. Sweet Green. The Little Beet.  Nature Works. Deliciously Fit Grill (ordered meal prep). Sun Basket (order to cook at home).

Lastly, how do you stay so insanely fit? What is your exercise routine? We need the deets.

How do I stay fit?  Being a trainer/ fitness model in New York, there is no shortage of places I can go to workout.  I workout at Tone House, Performix House, Equinox, Chelsea Piers, Rumble Boxing, Switch Playground, and Brooklyn Boulders on a consistent basis.  I love keeping a variety to my routine so that I never get bored or plateau. I'm in a constant state of wanting to get better, and essentially staying ready for anything life throws at me.