Everything you need to know about Floss Bar’s teeth whitening system

Donna, Floss Bar's Lead Hygienist 

Donna, Floss Bar's Lead Hygienist 

There is no bigger confidence booster than a great smile! But how do you make sure your smile stays great? We got you! Our fantastic Lead Hygienist, Donna, will answer common questions and talk you through the teeth whitening system and process we use at Floss Bar. 

Do I need to worry about my teeth enamel? 

There is a lot of uncertainty and myths out there when it comes to teeth whitening, and we are going to dispel them right now and give you the hard facts. There are two ingredients that brighten the color of your teeth. Namely, carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. Both of them do the exact same thing. They get absorbed into you enamel and break down stain molecules. Some do it faster than others because of a higher concentration. Over the counter products have a very low concentration within the ingredients to make sure you don’t hurt your gums while freestyling at home. 

This is why we recommend you have your whitening done by a professional. The concentration of the peroxide is much higher, and give you the result you want much faster.  At Floss Bar, we use Pola Office+. The 4 cycles of only 8 minutes ensures that the material is removed before any harmful effects on your enamel can take place (wohoo!).  

Why should I use Floss Bar's whitenings over other systems?

The Pola Office+ system we use  has a few advantages over other systems on the market. It is less expensive than all the other systems out there all the while being just as effective and safe. Pola Office+ has 37.5% hydrogen peroxide, which means it works the fastest and your results are immediate, saving you a ton of time. Your procedure will take just 32 minutes. 

What if I experience sensitivity? 

Long term use of any whitening product can be harmful to the tooth structures which is why we chose the fastest product in the world. All professional whitening products as well as the ones you purchase in the store, can cause sensitivity. This is why we always recommend you use a desensitizing toothpaste before and after the procedure as well as using a fluoride rinse at home. After the procedure we also recommend an in-chair fluoride treatment. All of these preventative and post care treatments will lessen your sensitivity.

OMG, my gums got whitened!! 

Don't worry! Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had a cut and put peroxide on it? Did it turn white and bubble up? I’m sure your answer is yes. Peroxide has an ingredient that turns the skin white while killing bacteria. So, when you have your teeth bleached it is the same concept. If the active ingredient, (peroxide) comes in contact with your gums it can cause that area to turn white. It will return back to its normal color within 24-48 hours!

Kids, don't try this at home, come to Floss Bar and we will get it right