The Story of Floss Bar

We hope if you've landed on this page - you're in agreement that Floss Bar is a pretty damn good idea. Creating a way to make mouths around the country a whole lot healthier - what's not to love?

Not too long ago - Floss Bar was JUST an idea of our incredible founder, Eva Sadej. Want to hear exactly how Floss Bar came to be? Read on for the full story, in Eva's words. 

Let's Hear it From Eva:


I founded Floss Bar in 2017 to innovate dental - an industry in desperate need for it. It all started when I was trying to book a hygienist appointment for my Canadian boyfriend and I learnt what a hassle it was for someone without insurance, how expensive it was and how limited the opening hours were. Taking half a day off or call in sick to get to the dentist just doesn’t work for most people. 

Looking into it further, I found out that 40% of Americans are not going to the dentist at all. What really scared me though, was finding out that 80% are suffering from serious gum disease that can lead to detrimental health issues and in worst case cancer. Learning that these can be completely avoided by regular dental visits and good oral hygiene, the Floss Bar idea was born. 

I decided to make routine dental care that is necessary to remain healthy as easy and affordable as booking a room on AirBNB, to make it accessible to everyone. From the busy professional with great insurance cover, the uninsured freelancer or startup coworker, the family to the less affluent - no discrimination. 

We also developed our innovative mobile dentistry service where we bring hygienists directly to you, your family or your team at work.

Floss Bar is actively addressing the hurdles holding people back from going to the dentist. My long-term goal is getting Americans back into the dental chair for their recommended twice a year cleanings to help them avoid unnecessary diseases and optimize their health. 


-Eva Sadej, Founder & CEO