Book YOUR Appointment AT Any NYC Location

Below is the sign-up for appointments in our dental hubs. If you are booking a spot during one of our mobile events at your company, go here!

Insurance: For insurance details, see Patient Services. Whitening is not covered by insurance, but other services are if you are eligible. We check your eligibility in advance and reach out if there are any issues. Note that you may have a deductible or your insurance would partially cover the dentists fee schedule (which is usually higher than the list price). Don't worry! We tell you and will minimize impact. No surprises here. 

Math: All you need is $5 to hold your spot!  Fee for a <24hr cancellation is $25 and only billed if that happens. All payments include the usual 2.9% credit card fee.

Account: We encourage you to create an account at the end of booking so you do not need to enter all your info again next time.