Join us! We are democratizing mobile dental care

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Dental health statistics are troubling in the US, and its time to do something about it. It’s not about us or you, its about what we can do together.

We set up pop-up dental events at workplaces and enable local dentists and hygienists to provide the much needed basic dental care that too many employees are neglecting.

This is a great way for dental practices near corporations to:

  • Showcase the services of their local office

  • Cross-utilize their staff to work onsite at corporations

  • Build a referral funnel from their local corporations to their offices

  • Have mobile dental services be an extension of their practice

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1) Option 1 - Earn Some Money

Provide care at the workplace

►Temporarily work for one of our dental partners. Applies to both dentists and hygienists.

► Perform routine and basic cosmetic care for employees (cleaning, x-rays, whitening, invisalign scans).

► Bring business cards.

► Organically generate referrals for more advanced care dental needs of employees who opt-in.

► Our partners will pay you market rate for the area.

► Free.

2) Option 2 - Grow Your Practice

Exclusively provide care all year at a workplace.

Same as Option 1, plus:

► Secure exclusive arrangement with us to always be the local partner for specific workplace.

► We will print all marketing assets for you and display your name in all digital communications.

► Marketing fees apply.

3) Option 3 - Build your Empire.

Exclusively provide care at many workplaces in your area.

► Secure a multi-year exclusive arrangement for every company we work with in your area.

► Put your office logo front-and-center.

► List your practice on our website.

► Your dental office captures the gross revenue and all patients are formally your patients.

► Operatory fees apply.


Roll up your sleeves and join the movement. We can help get you staffed to work at these events, or compensate you for rallying others!

Part-time staffing pool: We’d love to work with you when we are in your area. Take a look at our client map below and see if you are nearby to any of these locations. We pay 1.1x your area average per hour.

Commissioned Sales: If you refer a local dental practice (perhaps your own!) to work with us, you will get $100. You can essentially sit home, make calls and earn money by spreading the word and calling up all of your old employers!

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