Increase Productivity. Promote Health. Build Loyalty.

Americans spend 164 MILLION work hours per year getting dental care - and that’s just the 60% of them who actually go. Even more important than your employees productivity, however, is their health. Over 50% of Americans suffer from some degree of gum disease, which, left untreated, can lead to even more serious issues, including heart disease and diabetes.

Your employees do their best when they feel their best - and Floss Bar wants to help make their smile amazing. Two out of three American workers report that dental benefits are a “very” or “extremely” important part of their benefits package. Whether your company provides dental insurance or not, Floss Bar provides a simple, fun, and efficient perk for your team.

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  • Have a conference room we can set up in? GREAT! That’s all we need - contact us at to pick a dental day (or week!). Don’t have a conference room? No worries! We also have dental vans that can park right outside your office building.

  • We will connect with your office manager or HR team to discuss logistics and gather all of the information our team needs for a successful event.

  • We provide an online booking link for your team, plus all the informational materials you need to get the word out about our services!

  • We handle scheduling, medical forms, and insurance verification.

  • We show up, set up & sanitize the room, provide amazing quality services to your employees, and then pack up, sanitize again, and head out, leaving your conference room just the way we found it.

What sets us apart:

  • WE PROVIDE INCREDIBLE VALUE, AT NO COST TO YOU. Floss Bar comes onsite at no cost to the employer, and insured employees are billed just like a regular dental appointment in their insurance network. Floss Bar takes all major PPO insurances. Employees who have opted out of dental coverage pay modest fees of $95 a cleaning and $65-$85 for x-rays.

  • WE KNOW WHAT TO SAY: Our research shows that patients often fear judgement at the dentist. Our clinicians focus on education, not shaming.

  • WE LET PATIENTS DESIGN THIER OWN CARE PLAN: At Floss Bar, we believe in a-la-carte pricing. Patients can select the services they want, and are educated on the pros and cons of other options and add ons, without pressure.

  • YOU CAN TRUST US FOR A SECOND OPINION: Dentists make substantially higher profits treating patients for serious and non-routine issues than they do for preventative care. Providers may make issues seem more urgent than they are for financial reasons. Patients are given the choice: get second opinions and follow up care through Floss Bar’s amazing dentist network, or take their records to thier own dentist. Digital records are transferred promptly to their selected provider upon request.  

  • WE ARE FUN. We are professionals and we do our job extremely well, but we will also make certain that your employees leave smiling.


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Questions? Contact us at and we are happy to help!