Your best & most convenient dental appointment, ever.

Americans spend 164 MILLION work hours per year getting dental care - and that’s just the 60% of them who actually go. Even more important than your time, however, is your health. Over 50% of Americans suffer from some degree of gum disease, which, left untreated, can lead to even more serious issues, including heart disease and diabetes.

Floss Bar wants to help you shine by creating a method that makes dental care easy, accessible, and fun. If your office is already hosting a Floss Bar event, head HERE to book your appointment, or read below to learn more about how we work. If you wish Floss Bar was coming to your office, have your HR or office manager email to set up an event!

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  • Follow your location’s online booking link, or head HERE to select your appointment type and time.

  • After selecting your appointment time, you’ll be prompted to fill out your insurance information, medical history, and consent forms, all online. No need to worry about about paperwork on appointment day.

  • You’ll get a confirmation email with your appointment day & time, plus reminders as the day gets closer.

  • Our support team will verify your insurance before your appointment - if for some reason your appointment is not 100% covered, you’ll know ahead of time. No surprise bills here. Note - whitening is never covered by insurance.

  • On event day, head down the hall for your service, and leave feeling accomplished and sparkling clean!

What sets us apart:

  • WE KNOW WHAT TO SAY: Our research shows that patients often fear judgement at the dentist. Our clinicians focus on education, not shaming.

  • WE LET PATIENTS DESIGN THIER OWN CARE PLAN: At Floss Bar, we believe in a-la-carte pricing. Patients can select the services they want, and are educated on the pros and cons of other options and add ons, without pressure.

  • YOU CAN TRUST US FOR A SECOND OPINION: Dentists make substantially higher profits treating patients for serious and non-routine issues than they do for preventative care. Providers may make issues seem more urgent than they are for financial reasons. Patients are given the choice: get second opinions and follow up care through Floss Bar’s amazing dentist network, or take their records to thier own dentist. Digital records are transferred promptly to their selected provider upon request.  

  • WE ARE FUN. We are professionals and we do our job extremely well, but we will also make certain that you leave smiling.


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Questions? Contact us at and we are happy to help!