Corporate Opportunities for Dentists & Hygienists


We work with corporations to set up pop-up dental events at their offices. We train dentists and hygienists in the local community to go serve those clients. This is a great way for practices to cross-utilize their staff in order to both generate income and build their local practice with patients identified as needing more advanced treatment than the basics. It’s also a great way for hygienists to get into mobile dentistry!

  • Dentists: As a dentist, you can purchase the rights to a chair/day (8 hours) at a client near you.  Each is priced at $750 and is expected to generate between $800-$2000. We fill your day with patients, train you up, and provide you with the equipment necessary. You keep your collections. You may send yourself, a dental associate or a hygienist, depending on your state. If you want to send more workers than you have, we will help you arrange staffing. There is also a guarantee: if you make less than what you spent on your chair and staff, we reimburse you to ensure that you at least break even.

  • Hygienists: Roll up your sleeves and join the movement. Email us and we can help get you staffed to work at these events, as well as compensate you for rallying others!

Zoom in to see what is coming up in your area and email us at