What is the hubs and spokes system?

Like the airport system, Floss Bar operates its dental system via the hub-and-spoke model. Think central locations combined with mobile entities that relay back and forth. But unlike the airport system, we actually do a killer great job.

Our dental offices are the "hubS" & OUR MOBILE TEAMS ARE THE "SPOKES"

  • The dental offices are where you can come any day, evening, or weekend to get all your basic dental services done with our 5-star trained hygienists. They also have dentists which are responsible for your treatment planning, following up, and further care.

  • In states which allow it, our dentists and hygienists go out to the community (to startups, corporation, events, salons, wherever). Email us to book one week in advance and we can roll into any conference room.


This enables an ecosystem where you come to us or we come to you, whatever works. So, the variables keeping you away (your fear, your time, and the prices) are GONE. You and all your buddies can stay flossy all year round.

Some people think it is too good to be true. It isn’t. It’s just creative.

Eva Sadej, Founder & CEO

How does Floss Bar balance high quality with thoughtful pricing?

A very common question indeed.  Do we just cut corners? The answer is no way! We balance both the factors of quality and price by taking advantage of three key opportunities in a new way:

Spare Capacity


50% of Dental Chairs across the US sit empty all day and night. Since 40% of Americans are avoiding the dentist, there is drastic over-capacity. And conference rooms? You’re may be full but the majority of them stay empty.




Hygienists are  excellent customer service professionals accustomed and to part-time work. They are specially trained in prevention. In addition, dentists coming out of school are exceptionally educated, but often need to work for a large DSO doing dental care at a fast pace. We give them the opportunity to skip that step and build a client base.




 Over 70% of states across the US now allow for remote supervision of hygienists for basic procedures, meaning the dentist can stay home. Or they can come. Whatever they or the client want to do. Tele-dentistry also allows for us to have a robust network of second opinions, so you can get recommendations from many dentists at no cost.