Is your building hosting a Floss Bar event?

Lucky you! Here’s How the Process Works:

1. Grab your spot early! Head HERE to book your appointment, fill out your medical history, and input your insurance and payment information. Not sure what to book? Check out our available services HERE.

2. Using insurance? Our team will verify your plan and confirm coverage. Not covered 100%? We’ll let you know ahead of time - no surpise fees here. Uninsured? No worries - we have thoughtful pricing that makes care accessible for all.

3. It’s activation day! Our licensed, professional hygeneists convert a conference room into a fully functioning dental office. Walk down the hall at your appointment time, sit back, relax, and enjoy checking a chore off your list without even leaving the office. Bonus: routine cleanings generally take less than 45 minutes.

4. Need any additional care? We will refer you to our amazing team of partnering dentists.


Interested in bringing Floss Bar to your office?

The process is fast and simple for your HR team or community manager - simply have them email, and we will get your company set up! Floss Bar is available all over the continental U.S.