Dr. Aston - 30 Central Park South, Suite 11D, New York, NY 10019


Pricing: We care about making dental care accessible for the uninsured. Total prices for out of pocket patients are listed next to each service - no surprise fees or add ons.

Insurance:  Many preventative services are covered 80-100% by your dental insurance. We accept major PPO insurances and pre-check your coverage as long as you complete your insurance forms 48 hours in advance. You will never, ever have a surprise bill. See insurance policy.  Please note - whitening is not covered by insurance.

Credit Card Information: A $5 hold will be placed on your card at the time of booking. This is ONLY to verify your credit card in case you are opting for a cosmetic procedure (whitening) or your insurance requires a partial or full payment. Should you have an appointment that is covered completely by insurance, your $5 hold will be promptly released post appointment.