On a social mission...

Want to know what keeps us up at night? Knowing that there are over 130 million Americans who don't have dental insurance and can't afford the care they need. We refuse to sit back and let that statistic stand. So - we partner with Impact NYC and other charities to start chipping away at that startling number of patients in-need. 

Rolled out in December 2017 to give something back over the holidays, Floss Bar allocates 2 days of free teeth cleanings per month for those in need.


Charities - apply for pro-bono dentistry with us

Are you an organization that support people who could benefit from Floss Bar’s pro-bono dentistry? Apply below to become a Floss Bar charity partner and help people in need towards a healthier life.


Pro-bono dentistry 


Together, we can make a difference.

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